Tuesday, June 1, 2010

C'est la vie

My birthday is this weekend, the big 21. My mind drifts over my adolescent thoughts of 21 yr. olds [super old & usually married], and my excitment for getting older. I actually can't wait for my first glimpse of a silvery strand atop my head or my first laugh line that doesn't vanish in my sleep.. might still have to wait a few more years for those. Strange though, when another year rolls around and you don't feel so different than you did the year before, or the year before that; but you've definitely changed. You can see it in your surroundings, appearance, the people closest to you.
When I was a kid I used my scars as time tellers.. the one on my ankle from scraping the new concrete step, the one on my knee from climbing grandmas glass fence, the one under my left eyebrow from bear lake.. all good memories now. Wish they were still visible. My favorite time teller now is the knowledge I retain, and happily, it can only increase and become more perceptible as new years keep rolling by.

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