Wednesday, January 5, 2011

contract for sale

I'm selling my apartment contract which goes until April of this year and can be extended at any time. $475/mo. w/o utilities. Provo, Utah [contact me with further questions or if you're interested in viewing the space]
Hard wood floors, high ceilings and thick moulding.
One bedroom - large closet with storage space above.
One bath - claw foot tub and pedestal sink.
Living room -  large with tall windows.
Kitchen - full appliances, no dishwasher.
Dining room - built in shelving and tall windows.
Backyard - shaded with trees, backside unfenced.



[Click photos to enlarge]


  1. cute house! I would if i had the money! ha

  2. You live in way too many places:)

  3. Perhaps. I'd love to live there again.

  4. So I just randomly came across your blog and this place is perfect. You posted this over a month ago, so chances are its sold, but if its still available email me I am more then interested!

  5. Sorry, long gone. Thanks for the interest!

  6. what's the address to these apartments?

  7. I really love this house... can you PLEASE tell me where it's located at so I can keep an eye on it if it goes up for rent again!!!! I would REALLY REALLY LOVE IT IF YOU DID! THANKS!